High Performance Homes



Starting with your ideas and using orientation and energy efficient building methods, our design team takes the most cost effective,profficient approach to creating your home, built to perform for a lifetime.

Performance Construction


Using the design we create together, our construction team keeps your project on schedule, building to the developed specifications.

Insulated Thermal Envelope


Providing  high R Value/ low air leakage walls and roof assemblies, your home is comforable, quiet and energy efficient. 

Efficient HVAC Systems


Correctly sizing and selecting the most appropriate equipment tailored to your family's needs, reduces the heating and cooling costs.

Renewable Energy


Solar PV and  solar thermal systems allow you to generate your own electricity and domestic hot water demands, offsetting the cost of local energy you buy from utility companies.

Sustainable Materials


Using environmentally friendly products with recycled content allows you to use the best materials while giving back to your children and community, saving our precious resources.